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Respect the honey...

Honey - part of a healthy life

      Honey production and honey consumption have historically long-running roots. Bee-hunting was an ancient activity that was first seen on a 8,000-year-old cave drawing in Spain (Valencia). Bee-keeping activity has been inherited from generation to generation, and this valuable activity has been "practiced" by thousands of beekeepers to date. It has been used as natural food and medicine for centuries.

      Honey is made from a raw material that is called nectar and is brought to the hive after the being collected by bees. It is going through different processes, such as aging, evaporation and addition of enzymes. After these processes it becomes nectar honey.

      The healing effect of honey is a proven fact. It has nearly 70 health and physiological effects. This gift of nature contains important substances for the human body such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, iron, copper and manganese.

      In the field of dermatology, it is also efficient in treating skin problems, injuries and burns. Consumption of various types of honey (honeycomb) helps to strengthen the immune system, so that it is coping with infections much easier, for example, respiratory diseases and infections. The purpose of Alba-Méz Kft. is to keep this "magical product" for future generations as well. Our company sells different honey varieties. Our commercially available products are 1.) Hungarian quality acacia honey, 2.) linden honey, 3.) flower honey, 4.) honeycomb.

Honey's beneficial effect
has been a fact for centuries..

Acacia honey

Acacia honey is the queen of honeys. This title was deserved on several aspects. Among other things, it has a relatively neutral taste, an extremely bright color and last but not least, the fact that it is less crystallized, it made the honey to make it to the very first place in honey ranking.


Linden honey

Those who like the more characteristic flavors prefer to choose linden honey amongst other honey types. Linden honey has a delicious flavor, which is extremely delicious. This taste can not be confused with any other honey types. While eating you can clearly recognize the taste and smell of the...


Flower honey

We can call flower honey a full "set table" cause of its richness in different tastes. Bees collect honey from a variety of flowers throughout the season, so in this honey variety all the "colors" of nature are in it. As bees go from flower to flower, we can discover the diversity of nature in...


About our company

Alba-Méz Ltd. has been dealing with honey and honey processing for more than 20 years as a family business. As a young adult, I was a bee-keeper for about ten years in the apiary of my parents, and then operated my own bee-keeping. Our professional experience as a beekeeper helps our honey...

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