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Eating honeycomb is the most natural form of honey consumption. Among the apiculture products, honeycomb preserves the most ancient form of honey consumption. We can say that it is not at all touched by human hands, as it does not pass through any technological process before it is placed on the table.

Bees which dwell in in the hive, they carry nectar into honeycombs. After carrying nectar to honeycombs they lock these cells with wax to provide food for the winter. We are using these sealed, constructed honeycombs after slicing it.

Just as regular honey, honeycomb is also recommended to eat, as it has the same beneficial effects for the whole body. People tend to eat it slower, so it stay in the mouth for more time, and it has more time to heal the mouth and body parts as it is slowly digested.

We recommend eating it as follows:
Take the cut honeycomb piece into your mouth and chew it thoroughly until all the honey is pressed out of the wax cells. Then the chopped wax can be spit out, but if you prefer, you can eat that too. This is no problem, because all parts of the honeycomb are suitable for human consumption. The consumption of honey is mainly recommended for respiratory illnesses. Effects of the honeycomb include, for example, the elimination of nasal congestion, mitigation of the frontal cavity inflammation and the reduction of the symptoms of hay fever. The effect of honeycomb is very prominent in relieving respiratory problems, so it is consumed a lot in the case of catching a cold or flue. Even in treating sinusitis, outstanding results can be achieved by the consumption of honeycomb, so it is strongly recommended to chew on honeycomb during the illness.

Hotel package

  • 1.) Honeycomb in a metal frame

    Honeycomb, likewise acacia honey, is a true Hungaricum. It's not only a specialty of our country, but also all around the world in the beekeeping industry, the production of honeycomb is rare. Gastronomic offer of hotels: The culinary experience of the breakfast, the glitter of the breakfast buffet. And last but not least, it's very very healthy.

  • 2.) 28 grams mini jars in rustic wooden crate

    - exclusive presentation
    - recommended for hotels, restaurants, cafes
    - in hotel gastronomy it is "the charm of the breakfast buffet"