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Flower honey

We can call flower honey a full "set table" cause of its richness in different tastes. Bees collect honey from a variety of flowers throughout the season, so in this honey variety all the "colors" of nature are in it. As bees go from flower to flower, we can discover the diversity of nature in this honey. The honey is rich with a lot of different flavors which is affected by only the route the bees took while collecting the nectar in their journey. The more distinctive and characteristic honey - which differs from time to time - gives the main special of the flower honey.

Another important attribution is that it crystallizes relatively quickly, but the quality is of course not affected. This process occurs because the fructose content of the nectar is not as high as the acacia honey. If you do not want to consume it in a crystalline state, put it in hot water bath or in a microwave oven, it will soon turn into liquid again.

Flower honey products:

  • 1.) 1100 grams bottle

    Bolted glass, well-closed practical, decorative for the kitchen.

  • 2.) 900 grams bottle

    Canned glass with screw top, "family pack size".

  • 3.) 500 grams bottle

    Canned glass with screw top.

  • 4.) 250 grams plastic bottle

    PET bottle with drip-free lid, easy to use, convenient and practical use, exclusive look.

  • 5.) 150 grams plastic bottle

    Small packing.

  • 6.) Plastic bear shape bottle

    Retro plastic bear, kids favorite.

  • 7.) Polyfora Honey in bear bottle

    Flower honey in bear bottle PET bottle with drip-free lid