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Acacia honey

Acacia honey is the queen of honeys. This title was deserved on several aspects. Among other things, it has a relatively neutral taste, an extremely bright color and last but not least, the fact that it is less crystallized, it made the honey to make it to the very first place in honey ranking.

The specialty of this hoeny also contributes to its creation. The acacia forests can be found in large contiguous areas in Hungary. Acacia trees are not planted, they grow wild, which also means that they are not taken care of. Thus they are eliminated from harmful processes such as spraying and plant protection. So basicly these trees live naturally and give the gift of nature: acacia honey. It is remarkably impressive when these trees bloom in May - once in a year - because their snow-white flowers cover the forest in totally, and what is interesting is that at this time they only produce flowers but no leaves. The flowering itself lasts only two to three weeks a year and this is when it gives its snowy white light honey.

The Hungarian acacia honey has a reputation all over the world, it is known as "Hungaricum" (only hungarian) product cause of its high quality. Acacia tree plant found a favorable soil and climate here in Hungary, helping this treasure of nature to be put to the service of maintaining people's health.

Acacia honey products:

  • 1.) 900 grams bottle

    Canned glass with screw top, "family pack size".

  • 2.) 500 grams bottle

    Canned glass with screw top.

  • 3.) 250 grams plastic bottle

    PET bottle with drip-free lid, easy to use, convenient and practical use, exclusive look.

  • 4.) 150 grams plastic bottle

    Small packing.

  • 5.) Acacia honeycomb

    Acacia honeycomb in plastic container

  • 6.) 28 grams small bottle in rustic wooden crate

  • 7.) Plastic bear shape bottle

    Retro plastic bear, kids favorite.

  • 8.) Acacia honeycomb

    Honeycomb in bottle